Toon Blast music meme (Read the description)

Toon Blast

Toon Blast

Coins HACK

Saw the newest animation from Toon Blast and it was so easy to meme.

Music is Emotional Prism by BIGWAVE
Video is from Toon Blast : Tumbleweed

All of the online game’s Boosters are supportful in their own way – the Boxing Glove removes everything in a row, the Hammer removes any cube/obstacle, the Anvil removes everything in a column, and the Dice shuffles a accumulateion of selectable cubes. The Bomb and Disco Ball also come accumulateible as Boosters. You must merely rely on your pre-set Boosters whenever you have a few moves left and not a lot of match options in play which may support you clear a stage. Keep in mind which you’ll be able to accumulate Boosters from Toon Chests (these are acquireed every 10 levels) and Star Chests (which become unlockable after accumulateing 20 stars for completing stages).
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