Toon Blast Level 1450 – NO BOOSTERS 🐻🐺🐱 | SKILLGAMING ✔️

Cheat Code For Toon Blast

Cheat Code For Toon Blast

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During the begining chapter of Toon Blast, you’ll make your way through all of the readily available puzzle objective types. These begining stages are meant to give you an overview of everything you’ll eventually confront during the game’s follow-up chapters – some of the elements you’ll encounter even come as a tough combo deal which you’ll have to clear off the screen. During those stages where there’s a bunch of cubes littering the bottom of the screen, it’s best if you work from which position to have things rolling. Don’t just tap on the 1st readily available match you see – peruse the very bottom of these stage setups so you may make matches as well as cause future cube matches to fall into position as greater placed cubes come down.
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Toon Blast Level 1450 - NO BOOSTERS 🐻🐺🐱 | SKILLGAMING ✔️

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