How To Wire Air Horns / Air Horn Install for automotive as well as marine use

Toon Blast Fix

Toon Blast Fix

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See my latest 160 db Train Horn Install here:

Of course together with the video does not do justice to just how loud together with the horn is

Can be Mounted in Engine Compartment or under Chassis

Perfect for Cars, Trucks & SUVs

Great for UTV, ATV, Golfcarts, Motorcycles

Specs on together with the kit I used:
DB: 135

Tone: Dual

Trumpets: 2

Trumpet Diameter: 3.0”

Trumpet Lengths: 6.6” , 8.25”

Trumpet Material: CHROME Plated Zinc(non-corrosive)

Compressor: Heavy Duty 12v

Air Tube Length: 10″

Mounting Hardware: Included

*This system will give you the best BANG for the Buck!!

*Mirror Finish-Will look like completely new for years to come.

*Works on any 12v system.

*Dual Tone Trumpets.

*Easy to fit in small compartments.

*Includes Install instructions.

*Easy Hookup.

*Up to 40 Times Louder than OEM Horn
Video Rating: / 5

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