🎮 TOON BLAST HACK 🔥 How to Cheat TOON BLAST – Coins & Lives [MOD APK] 2021

Toon Blast Free Lives Cheat

Toon Blast Free Lives Cheat

Coins HACK

All of the game’s Boosters are helpful in their own way – the Boxing Glove removes everything in a row, the Hammer removes any cube/obstacle, the Anvil removes everything in a column, as well as the Dice shuffles a accumulateion of selectable cubes. The Bomb as well as Disco Ball even come accumulateible as Boosters. You need to simply rely on your pre-set Boosters when you have a few moves left as well as not a lot of match options in play which may allow you to clear a stage. Keep in mind which you’ll be able to accumulate Boosters from Toon Chests (these are gained every 10 levels) as well as Star Chests (which become unlockable after accumulateing 20 stars for completing stages).
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🎮 TOON BLAST HACK  🔥 How to Cheat TOON BLAST - Coins & Lives [MOD APK]  2021

🎮 TOON BLAST HACK 🔥 How to Cheat TOON BLAST – Coins & Lives [MOD ANDROID+IOS] 2021
Hi in today’s video I will be showing you TOON BLAST HACK as well as with the technique we will get unlimited Coins as well as Lives in TOON BLAST.
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